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Changshengkang Hair Soften Essence


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  • Wash Your Hair And Scalp With A Mild Shampoo. Squeeze The Excess Water From Your Hair, And Blot Your Hair With A Towel Until Damp. The Vitamin E Penetrates Best On A Clean Scalp
  • Pour A Quarter-Sized Amount Of Grape Seed, Sesame Or Carrot Oil Into A Small Dish. Use Grape Seed Oil For Normal Hair, Sesame Oil For Oily Hair And Carrot Oil For Dry Hair.
  • Pierce Two Vitamin E Capsules With A Pin, And Squeeze The Contents Into The Oil. The Oils Help The Vitamin E Spread More Easily.
  • Part Your Hair Into Four Sections: Front-To-Back And Ear-To-Ear. Twist Each Section And Clip It To Your Head
  • Release One Section Of Your Hair. Dip Your Fingers Into The Vitamin E Oil, Rub Your Fingers Together And Massage The Oil Into Your Scalp. Work The Oil From The Roots To The Ends. Repeat With The Remaining Sections


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